Samantha Bellefeuille

My CHEO Story

My name is Samantha Bellefeuille and CHEO has been like a second home to me and my family. My little brother Sean who is now sixteen years old, spent most of his childhood in and out of CHEO. We’ve been to most of the clinics there and learned to love Starbucks drinks pretty quickly! Sean has CDKL5, a rare epileptic genetic disorder with extreme mental and physical delays. Sean has undergone numerous surgeries at CHEO as well as attended many clinics for routine check ups and dental care. CHEO holds a big part of my heart for all the care they have shown towards my brother, friends, loved ones and clients that I have worked with as a child and youth worker.

Why I'm involved

I am looking forward to giving back to CHEO by using my past experiences, and knowledge and being a Family Leader. After completing a certificate in Family Engagement in Research with McMaster University, research became a grand interest to me. I am looking forward to working as a Family Leader at CHEO.

My Role