Office of Research Services

The Office of Research Services (ORS) is a multidisciplinary team of professionals who oversee the facilities, finances and resources of the CHEO Research Institute.

Our services:

  • Grants and Pre-Awards: Supports the research funding application process
  • Finance and Post-Awards: Supports the management of research funds
  • Patient and Family Engagement: Helps researchers incorporate the lived experience of patients and families into their research
  • Quality Assurance and Regulatory Compliance: Helps researchers ensure their projects meet Health Canada standards
  • Contracts: A team of contract officers is responsible for drafting, reviewing, and negotiating all contracts tied to research projects, in which the CHEO Research Institute is a party
  • Research Education: Management and oversite of mandatory training requirements and a robust research education program
  • Research Mentorship: Supports the research mentorship program
  • Communications: Helps researchers share and promote their recent discoveries internally and with the broader community
  • Human Resources: Provides a full range of human resources consultation and services unique to the research industry
  • Health and Safety: Ensures a safe, respectful, and healthy work environment
Institutional approval (Start Smart)

At the CHEO Research Institute, all new clinical research studies must receive institutional approval through our program called Start Smart. This program ensures:

  • Researchers identify the steps required to get their projects up and running and connects researchers with the institutional supports available to them.
  • All necessary study startup activities and approvals are obtained, prior to study initiation.
Start Smart FAQs
Is obtaining institutional approval required?

Yes. In accordance with the CHEO Research Institute Institutional Approval Policy, studies may not begin (data collection, recruitment, etc.) until the project has received institutional approval through the Start Smart program.

How do I complete Start Smart and obtain institutional approval?

To obtain institutional approval, you must complete all three steps of the Start Smart program. To begin, access the CHEO Research Institute Start Smart Intake.

Will electronic/digital signatures be accepted?

Yes, we will accept digital and electronic signatures.

How do I access the link to Step 2 and 3 of Start Smart?

You can gain access in multiple ways:

  • Once you submit Step 1:
    • You will also receive a copy of your link via email, OR
    • Click on the “Get link to my survey queue” button at the bottom right, OR
    • You can open the “Begin Survey” button at the bottom centre.
  • Please save these links in your study files immediately.