Averaging over 500 scientific publications a year, the CHEO Research Institute knows that patients, families, and the community need to be able to access our findings in order to educate themselves on the breakthroughs in pediatric patient care research.

  1. Virtual psychoeducation for improvement of pain catastrophizing in pediatric presurgical patients and caregivers: A proof-of-concept study


  2. “Goldilocks days” for adolescent mental health: movement behaviour combinations for well-being, anxiety and depression by gender.


  3. Prioritizing a research agenda on built environments and physical activity: a twin panel Delphi consensus process with researchers and knowledge users.


  4. Burosumab for the treatment of cutaneous-skeletal hypophosphatemia syndrome


  5. Exercise breaks prevent attenuation in cerebrovascular function following an acute bout of uninterrupted sitting in healthy children.


  6. Children and youth’s movement behaviours differed across phases and by geographic region throughout the COVID-19 pandemic in Nova Scotia, Canada: An explanatory sequential mixed-methods study.


  7. Impact of a publicly-funded pharmacare program on prescription stimulant use among children and youth: A population-based observational natural experiment.


  8. Mental health treatment programs for children and young people in secure settings: A systematic review