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  1. Trainee perceptions of resident duty hour restrictions: a qualitative study of online discussion forums


    To implement well-designed RDH restrictions, shared decision making with trainees as stakeholders and transparency regarding the evidence behind the process and/or revisions are important considerations.

  2. Associations between sedentary behavior and negative emotions in adolescents during home confinement: mediating role of social support and sleep quality


    The results of the present research suggest that social support and sleep quality are important factors mediating the relationship between sedentary behavior and negative emotions in adolescents during a COVID-19-related home confinement in Shenzhen.

  3. The effect of vertebral body tethering on spine range of motion in adolescent idiopathic scoliosis: a pilot study


    These results suggest some preservation of spine motion in the transverse plane following VBT. This study provides initial evidence of some potential preservation of spine ROM following VBT; however, further prospective investigation of VBT is needed to assess and confirm these hypotheses.

  4. Orthopaedic Surgery Pediatric Sports Medicine: Characterizing Practice Patterns and Subspecialization


    Pediatric sports medicine practices are variable and have distinct practice patterns in pediatric, orthopaedic, and adult sports practices. In the current study, most surgeons are less than 10 years into practice, affiliated with academic centers, and have typically completed either 1 or 2 fellowships after residency. Surgeons were most commonly specialized in the knee joint and cared for patients <18 years old.

  5. Mediterranean-Like Dietary Pattern Associations With Gut Microbiome Composition and Subclinical Gastrointestinal Inflammation


    No single food item was associated with microbial clusters or with the level of gut inflammation. However, we found that the consumption of a Mediterranean-like diet was strongly associated with decreased subclinical intestinal inflammation.

  6. Reliability of radiographic assessment of growth modulation from anterior vertebral body tethering surgery in pediatric scoliosis


     Based on 8 individual observers, interobserver agreement ranged from good (pre-operative vertebral body heights) to moderate (4-year follow-up vertebral body heights) to poor (all wedging angles). To improve the reliability of the measurement of wedging angles, we recommend averaging the measurements of at least two observers.

  7. Learning from missing data: examining nonreporting patterns of height, weight, and BMI among Canadian youth


    Findings from this study suggest that nonreporting in youth height and weight is likely somewhat related to the values themselves, and hint that social desirability may play a substantial role in nonreporting. The predictors of missingness identified in this study can be used to inform future studies on the potential bias stemming from missing data and identify auxiliary variables that may be used for multiple imputation approaches.

  8. Cyberbullying involvement, parental support, and cannabis use among adolescents


    Our results showed that cyberbullying involvement in any role (i.e., cyberbullying victim only, cyberbullying perpetrator only, or cyberbullying perpetrator-victim) was associated with greater odds of cannabis use after adjusting for important covariates. Results further indicated that higher parental support was associated with lower odds of cannabis use in a dose-response fashion. Higher parental support was also associated with a lower risk of cyberbullying involvement.