SUPPORT Ambassador  Program

The CHEO Research Institute implemented the “Students Undertaking a Pediatric Program of Research Training” (SUPPORT) Program in the CHEO Emergency Department (ED) in 2010. The SUPPORT Ambassador Program facilitates clinical research activities at CHEO and provides a constant presence of research support staff in the ED. This program significantly adds to the culture of research in the ED and throughout CHEO, while providing its participants with a meaningful clinical research education experience.

SUPPORT is fueled by volunteers who are students seeking to gain clinical research training experience and who are currently enrolled  at a post-secondary institution or those who have graduated within the last 12 months. SUPPORT Ambassadors commit to a 4-month term, with many choosing to remain with the program for multiple consecutive terms. Following completion of a term, students who have remained in good standing with the program may request a “Certificate of Participation”. SUPPORT Ambassadors collaborate with others members of the ED Research Team in order to perform a variety of tasks, but their main responsibility is to screen patients for enrollment in multiple research projects.

The program in the ED is funded by clinical investigators who wish to use SUPPORT Ambassadors to aid with patient recruitment for their studies. The amount of funding depends on the extent of involvement and the period of time in which SUPPORT Ambassadors  are needed.

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