Clinical Research Unit

Clinical research is about patients, including studies in the areas of therapies, technologies, epidemiology, behaviour and health services to name a few. The Clinical Research Unit (CRU) is a team of highly experienced research professionals whose goal is to support and enable high-quality clinical research at CHEO. We offer a broad range of services to help CHEO investigators accomplish their clinical research goals. We provide support for study design and methodology, statistical analysis, sample size calculation, data management, budget preparation, study logistics and more. Our team provides these services to both new and experienced researchers. The CRU also works with research networks and other research institutes across the country to ensure that we provide integrated, efficient and quality clinical research services.

The CRU also provides regular educational and professional development opportunities for those who wish to hear about recent research results, network with other researchers or learn more about specific clinical research topics.

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Our Services
  • Data management including database development, data, validation, data form development, web-based solutions (questionnaires, collecting and reporting forms, and others), and REDCap guidance
  • Qualitative research consultation
  • REB submission review and advice
  • Qualitative statistical analysis
  • Qualitative study design and methodology
  • Quantitative study design and methodology
  • Quantitative statistical analysis and sample size calculation
  • Study tools, templates and How to’s
  • Interactive REDCap Training

We attempt to make our website documents accessible however, in certain circumstances some documents are in PDF or Piktochart format and may not fully meet the AODA accessibility requirements. If you require assistance or communication support, please contact [email protected].