Emergency Department SUPPORT Ambassadors

Important Notice Regarding Recruitment

Applications for the May to August 2024 session of the CHEO ED SUPPORT Ambassador Program are closed.

If you are interested in applying for this opportunity, application information for the September – December 2024 session will be posted in July. Thank you for your interest in the CHEO ED SUPPORT Ambassador Program. For program inquiries, please contact the Program Coordinator, Jessica Paul, at [email protected].

What is the purpose of this program?

Ambassadors for the SUPPORT Clinical Research Training Program function as specialized hospital volunteers. Ambassadors will be trained to help screen and enroll eligible patients into several clinical research studies that are currently recruiting in the CHEO Emergency Department (ED). The specific goals of this initiative are to facilitate and support research and quality improvement activities involving patients in the ED.

What will I be doing?

As a SUPPORT Ambassador, you will be scanning the ED patient tracking system to capture possible patients for several clinical studies. This will entail determining eligibility of patients for the various studies and interacting with families and/or clinical staff. Given the emphasis on patient interaction, it is very important that applicants feel comfortable speaking to and interacting with patients from birth to 18 years of age as well as their family members. This position does not entail any data entry or writing of research proposals/papers. SUPPORT Ambassadors may often be responsible for determining a patient’s willingness to discuss participating in a study with a research assistant and completing the screening process by documenting activities on a screening log . Importantly, you will be liaising closely with the program coordinator who is committed to educating the SUPPORT Ambassadors and ensuring a high performance standard.

What is required?

A commitment of one 4-hour shift per week (same weekly shift), every week, for a period of 4 months is mandatory.  The program is divided into 3 sessions annually, January – April, May – August and September – December. The program operates seven days a week from 10 a.m. to 10 p. m. and is divided into the following three shifts (2 SUPPORT Ambassadors will be covering each shift):


All selected SUPPORT Ambassadors must:

• Meet CHEO’s occupational health and safety requirements (proof of two-step TB test & up to date immunizations/serology including a minimum of 2 valid doses of a COVID-19 vaccine is required)

• Submit a Level 2 Criminal Record and Judicial Matters Check (completed within the last 6 months)

 Please note that reimbursement for expenses related to clinic visits/document completion/TB testing/immunizations/police record checks is not possible.

• Complete paperwork as required by CHEO Human Resources

• Attend the  program orientation session to be held IN PERSON AT CHEO during the week of April 15, 2024 (exact date TBD)  and the IN PERSON role-play session to be held during the week of April 22, 2024 (exact date TBD) o (no exceptions will be made).

SUPPORT Ambassadors who remain in good standing with the program including having regular attendance and completion of the session may have the opportunity to extend their placement for another term.


Who is eligible?

Current registered students or recently graduated students (less than 12 months) from an accredited post-secondary program (e.g. undergraduate, graduate, or nursing school) are eligible for this training program. No previous formal research training is necessary. International Medical Graduates are not eligible to apply for this program.


To be considered for the position, you should possess:

  • Excellent attention to detail and efficient time management skills
  • Strong communication, interpersonal and organizational skills
  • Ability to be self-directed, resourceful, flexible, and take initiative
  • Be comfortable working independently or as part of a team
  • Previous customer service skills and/or experience working with the general public is an asset
Will I Be Paid?

This is a volunteer opportunity. At the end of your  session, you will receive an official certificate of participation (upon request and only if you have remained in good standing with the program). Please note that we are happy to provide confirmation of participation in this initiative (i.e., verification of program participation), however, we are unable to write letters of reference due to the number of program participants both past and present.

How might this experience help me?

This position primarily provides the opportunity to learn about the practicality of conducting research in a clinical setting. CHEO’s Emergency Department has an international reputation for high-quality clinical research. You will gain valuable experience communicating with patients and their families in the ED. 

COVID-19 Safety Measures

Please note that we have taken and will continue to take every precaution in order to keep SUPPORT Ambassadors, research/clinical staff and patients/families safe. Should you be successful, you will receive training related to the proper use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). You will have access to and be required to wear PPE including N95, procedure mask with visor, gown and gloves at all times when interacting with patients/families. In our shared workspace, SUPPORT Ambassadors and research staff are required to wear a procedure mask at all times in situations where they are unable to maintain a distance of at least 1m. The office space is also designed with physical distancing in mind. CHEO has also implemented a Universal COVID-19 Vaccination Policy. Everyone volunteering and working at CHEO needs to be fully vaccinated (minimum of 2 doses) and is required to report proof of all doses of the COVID-19 vaccine to Occupational Health and Safety. If you choose not to be vaccinated, you will not be able to volunteer/work at CHEO. Volunteers are required to complete a screening questionnaire should they be experiencing signs and symptoms of illness. This screening tool will indicate how to proceed. In the event that a volunteer is symptomatic, he/she/they will be restricted from volunteering at CHEO for a specified period of time until Occupational Health and Safety deems that it is safe to return.

How do I apply?

Applications for the May 1, 2024 – August 31, 2024 session are closed. 

Information relating to the next session (September – December 2024) will be posted in July.

Thank you for your interest in the CHEO ED SUPPORT Ambassador Program.