Welcome and Strategic Overview

Welcome to the CHEO Research Institute

My name is Dr. Jason Berman. I am the CEO and Scientific Director of the CHEO Research Institute, and Vice President of Research at CHEO. My goal as CEO is to improve our research productivity, national grant success rates, and the impact of research being done here at CHEO on the children, youth and families we serve.

If we have learned one thing through the pandemic, it is how research can truly transform the health care landscape. We are here to make discoveries to inspire the best life for every child and youth. Our team of investigators, scientists, research professionals and research trainees is working hard to improve patient care everyday through their ground-breaking research efforts.

In February 2020, we launched our four-year strategic plan: “Oh! The Places We’ll Explore! 2024”. Our bold new plan outlines four goals: to expand research (We will grow, it will show), support the growth of our researchers (As we teach, the heights we’ll reach!), further integrate research across CHEO (Don’t give up, we need support from you all. Join in research, no matter how small), and enhance technology to facilitate research (One tech, two tech, old tech, new tech). We encourage you to take a look at the strategic plan overview. This strategic plan sets out a blueprint for the CHEO Research Institute to lead the efforts to build further research capacity at CHEO into 2024.

Our research successes would not be possible without the fantastic team we have working behind the scenes every day. This includes the Office of Research Services (ORS), the Research Institute Board of Directors and our partners at CHEO and the CHEO Foundation.  Most importantly, we are deeply grateful to our patients and families for their constant inspiration, dedication and passion for the research mission.


Discoveries to inspire the best life for every child and youth.


Connecting exceptional talent and technology in pursuit of life-changing research for every child, youth and family in our community and beyond. 


We inspire trust in our research excellence by being curious, nimble, passionate and equitable.