Dina El Demellawy

Investigator, CHEO Research Institute

Dr. Dina El Demellawy is a Pediatric Pathologist in Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario and an Associate Professor in the University of Ottawa. She had completed her Anatomical Pathology residency training at the University of Toronto and her Pediatric Pathology fellowship training at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Centre. Dr. El Demellawy is appointed at The Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario Research Institute as a clinical investigator. Her main clinical and academic interests are Perinatal, Pediatric and Bone Pathology. She had contributed to a few book chapters, has over 80 published articles in peer reviewed journals, and over 70 abstracts presentations and publications in national and international meetings. She had over 20 successful grants including CHIR, PSI and Translational Research Grants, among others. She is also actively engaged in teaching of undergraduate and postgraduate students. She is the acting chair of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine Committee (PALM). She had held several positions including Director of Immunohistochemistry at William Osler Health Centre in Toronto, Director of Histology Laboratory at Health Sciences North in Sudbury.

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  1. Placenta pathology in recipient versus donor oocyte derivation for in vitro fertilization in a setting of hypertensive disorders of pregnancy and IUGR


    Multiple gestation may be associated with decreased MVM and total lesions.

  2. Abnormal placental pathological findings and adverse clinical outcomes of oocyte donation


    Placental pathology reflecting dysregulated immune processes and vasculopathy is associated with oocyte donation.

  3. Diagnostic Value of Mid-esophageal Biopsies in Pediatric Patients With Eosinophilic Esophagitis


    Future studies need to be conducted before conclusive recommendations supporting the use of mid-esophageal biopsies can be made.

  4. Risk of Lower Birth Weight and Shorter Gestation in Oocyte Donation Pregnancies Compared With Other Assisted Reproductive Technology Methods: Systematic Review


    A high degree of interstudy heterogeneity exists, and the association between OD and infant outcomes remains unclear.

  5. Viable versus nonviable positive margins in Ewing sarcoma and associated recurrence rates: A systematic review


    This is an area where there is a paucity of evidence that needs to be rectified to ensure that ES patients are provided the highest quality of evidence-based care.