Melanie Buba

Investigator, CHEO Research Institute

Dr. Buba is a hospital pediatrician whose research interests include health systems with a focus on quality improvement, patient- and family-centered care, virtual care, transitions in care, evidence-based medicine and workplace culture. She is also involved in developing the field of pediatric hospital medicine in Canada.

Research Projects

  1. A pediatric virtual care evaluation framework and its evolution using consensus methods


    The use of virtual care has increased dramatically in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, yet evidence is lacking regarding the impact of virtual care on patient outcomes, particularly in pediatrics. A standardized evaluation approach is required to support the integration of virtual care into pediatric health care delivery programs. The objective of this work was to develop a comprehensive and structured framework for pediatric virtual care evaluation. This framework is intended to engage and guide care providers, health centres, and stakeholders towards the development of a standardized approach to the evaluation of pediatric virtual care.

  2. Virtual Family-Centered Rounds During the COVID-19 Pandemic-Technology Usability Analysis


  3. Evaluating virtual family-centered rounds effectiveness, efficiency and usability during the COVID-19 pandemic


  4. Virtual Family-Centered Rounds During the COVID-19 Pandemic – Technology Usability Analysis


  5. Training physicians and residents for the use of Electronic Health Records—A comparative case study between two hospitals