Melanie Buba

Investigator, CHEO Research Institute

Dr. Buba is a hospital pediatrician whose research interests include health systems with a focus on quality improvement, patient- and family-centered care, virtual care, transitions in care, evidence-based medicine and workplace culture. She is also involved in developing the field of pediatric hospital medicine in Canada.

Research Projects

  1. “Green Means Go”: Creation of a discharge checklist tool for patients with bronchiolitis


    Development of standardized medical discharge criteria for patients with bronchiolitis is a safe and effective way to improve predictability, transparency, communication and patient flow, while enhancing engagement of the health care team and patient and family satisfaction

  2. Head to toe practice: Implementation and outcomes of a suicide screener in pediatric hospital inpatient units


    The hope is that this new practice will reduce emergency hospital visits for mental health crises and facilitate early access to mental health services.