Injury Statistics in Outdoor Early Childhood Education (ECE) Programs in Comparison to Traditional ECE Programs in Canada

PI: Mark Tremblay

Study contact: [email protected]

Study contact full name: Louise de Lannoy

Research Area: Healthy Active Living and Obesity

Who to contact regarding participating: [email protected]

Lay Summary: We are seeking individuals who have experience working in early childhood education program(s) and can provide information regarding injury statistics to complete an online survey. This survey is examining the number and severity of injuries in early childhood education programs and their distribution among children of different ages and genders. It will take about ten to fifteen minutes to complete.

The aim of this survey is to learn about outdoor early education programs across Canada. More specifically, to learn about the number and severity of injuries that occur in early childhood education programs.

This study is being done because, despite the growing evidence on the developmental benefits of risky outdoor play, many parents, guardians, and educators are hesitant to support it among school-age children due to safety concerns. We hope to find out whether injury rates significantly differ between traditional and outdoor-focused early childhood education programs.