Evaluating a self-directed, web-based training for an ADHD strength-based diagnostic interview

Man sitting at computer doing a video training session.

PI: Philippe Robaey Study contact: [email protected] Study contact full name: Benjamin Hudson Research Area: Mental Health Who to contact regarding participating: Benjamin Hudson Lay Summary: ADHD is a complex condition with a high number of diagnostic criteria, overlapping symptoms, and often accompanies other disorders. Despite this, ADHD is commonly diagnosed in short assessments that generalize … Read more

HELP (HEalthy Lifestyles Project) for Youth with Mental Distress E-Health Intervention: Patient and Healthcare Impacts

PI: Dr. Pat Longmuir and Clare Gray Study contact: [email protected] Study contact full name: Pat Longmuir Research Area: Mental Health Who to contact regarding participating: Jenna Yaraskavitch at [email protected] Lay Summary: In Ontario, youth mental health is in crisis: suicide/self-harm doubled 2019-2022; 75% of youth with mental illness do not get care; 28,000 youth wait 8-12 … Read more

Neuromelanin-sensitive MRI as a Biomarker of the Response to Methylphenidate in children with ADHD

Little girl lying on table of mri scan equipment while gloved assistant pressing start button on panel

PI: Philippe Robaey Study contact: [email protected] Study contact full name: Chantale Melo Research Area: Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) Who to contact regarding participating: Anisa Soucy, Project Coordinator: [email protected] Lay Summary: We will test whether a brain imaging method (Neuromelanin-Magnetic Resonance Imaging) can predict the response to the stimulant in children with ADHD, and define … Read more

Clinical, Imaging, and Endoscopic Outcomes of Children Newly Diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease (CAMEO)

Hand holding intestine shape.

PI: Dr. David Mack Study contact: [email protected] Study contact full name: Ruth Singleton Area of Research: Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) (Gastrointestinal conditions) Who to contact regarding participating: Ruth Singleton Lay Summary: The CAMEO research study is about outcomes of patients newly diagnosed with Crohn’s disease (CD). Crohn’s disease is a condition that causes inflammation of … Read more

Patient and family perspectives on operationalized assent in Canadian Pediatric Intensive Care research: an interview study

Young boy in ER lying on bed with worried parents beside the bed.

PI: Katie O’Hearn Study contact: [email protected] or call 613-737-7600 ext. 4006 Study contact full name: Katie O’Hearn Research Area: Intensive Care Who to contact regarding participating: Katie O’Hearn ([email protected] or call 613-737-7600 ext. 4006) Lay Summary:  In pediatric research, permission for the child to participate in research is obtained from the child’s legal guardian when … Read more

Precision mental health for eating disorders

high school girls examine a DNA helix model. One of the students is pointing to something on the helix.

PI: Dr. Mark Norris Study Contact:  [email protected] Study Contact Full Name:  Madeline Gertler and April McColeman Research Area: Eating Disorders Who to Contact Regarding Participation:  [email protected] Lay Summary: Precision mental health can be thought of as an individualized approach to mental health treatment and takes into consideration the individual characteristics of patients. As it stands, … Read more

The Babbly App: working with families to study the usability and impact of this innovative approach for early detection and intervention of infants at risk of speech and language delay

Mother with toddler on smartphone

PI: Dr. Anna McCormick Study contact: [email protected] Study contact full name: Michelle Larin Research Area: Pregnancy and Newborn Who to contact regarding participating: Michelle Larin, RA [email protected] Lay Summary: CHEO researchers are investigating the usability of a smartphone app for infants 8 months – 14 months old that analyzes baby speech sounds using artificial intelligence … Read more