CHEO Research Institute 2022 Awards of Excellence


Ottawa, Ontario — Thursday December 22, 2022

Jason Berman, Chief Executive Officer and Scientific Director of the CHEO Research Institute, celebrated six individuals for their accomplishments over the past year at the annual CHEO Research Institute awards presentation. Exemplifying the core values of the CHEO Research Institute, these individuals continue to deliver on our mission of making discoveries to inspire the best life for every child and youth.

The Research Institute 2022 award recipients are:

Outstanding Investigator

One award presented to a researcher for their outstanding achievements over the past few years as evidenced by funding, publications, national or international reputation and discoveries that have the potential to impact healthcare at CHEO and around the world.

Awarded to: Dhena Radhakrishnan

Osmond Impact Award

One award presented to an individual who is seen as having had a significant impact on the growth and/or leadership positioning of the CHEO Research Institute in the past year. The impact could be in the area of significant discoveries over the year, or leadership positioning for the CHEO Research Institute.

Awarded to: David Mack

Outstanding Research Mentor

One award presented to an individual who provides outstanding research mentorship and has the ability to inspire others. This person coaches and encourages others to succeed in fulfilling the CHEO Research Institute’s mission to conduct research in a dynamic learning environment and translates that knowledge into practice.

Awarded to: Philippe Robaey

Outstanding Trainee

One award presented to recognize a trainee’s outstanding achievements in research. This is based on high academic achievement (including publications, presentations and awards), personal leadership qualities and demonstrated research ability. Submissions can be for either bench or bedside research. All level of trainees may be nominated including Undergraduate and Graduate Students and Postdoctoral Fellows.

Awarded to: Nicholas Kuzik

Outstanding Research Coordinator

One award presented to a research coordinator for their outstanding contribution towards the conduct of research at the CHEO Research Institute. This person embodies the CHEO Research Institute’s core values of excellence, passion, integrity, creativity and collaboration. This person’s project management skills are essential to the success of each research project from inception through to publication.

Awarded to: Holly Livock

Sandy Boehmer Spirit of the RI (Individual or Team)

One award presented to an individual or team at the CHEO Research Institute who best exemplifies our core values: excellence, passion, integrity, creativity and collaboration.

Awarded to: Nathalie Earl

Congratulations to this year’s award recipients!

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