Toward an Integrated Consideration of 24 h Movement Guidelines and Nutritional Recommendations

While physical activity, sleep and sedentary behaviors are almost always considered independently, they should be considered as integrated human behaviors. The 24 h Movement approach proposes a concomitant consideration of these behaviors to promote overall health. Not only do these behaviors impact energy expenditure, but they have also been shown to separately impact energy intake, which should be further explored when considering the entire integration of these movement behaviors under the 24 h movement approach. After an evaluation of the prevalence of meeting the 24 h Movement and dietary recommendations, this review summarizes the available evidence (using English publications indexed in PubMed/MEDLINE) regarding the association between the 24 h Movement Guidelines and eating habits. Altogether, the results clearly show the beneficial impact of promoting the 24 h guidelines simultaneously, highlighting that the higher the number of respected movement recommendations, the better eating behaviors in both children and adults. Importantly, our results point out the importance of emphasizing the need to reach sedentary guidelines for better eating habits. Movement and dietary behaviors appear closely related, and giving recommendations on one might impact the other. Combining the 24 h Movement with dietary Guidelines might be more efficient than promoting them separately in public health strategies.

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  1. Jean-Philippe Chaput

    Senior Scientist, CHEO Research Institute

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