The two sides of sedentary behavior

Sedentary behavior (SB) has become a prevalent behavior amongst several population subgroups worldwide. This increase in SB is alarming, as this behavior has been associated with several adverse health outcomes. With the advancement of technology, the relationship of individuals with SB has become increasingly complex, and available instruments, theories, and research face
challenges to keep up with this evolution. Four issues regarding research on SB are discussed in this opinion article : (i) advances in its typology and measure; (ii) health impact of quantitative and qualitative indicators of SB; (iii) the good side of SB; and (iv) challenges and future directions of studies in this field of knowledge. This opinion article raises some questions based on the limitations of current research with its advances and gaps. Some challenges and research recommendations are compiled, and other can be drawn from the ever – growing scientific evidence related to SB across different fields.

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  1. Jean-Philippe Chaput

    Senior Scientist, CHEO Research Institute

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