Sarah Lawrence

Investigator, CHEO Research Institute

Sarah Lawrence is Associate Professor of Pediatrics who has practiced Pediatric Endocrinology at CHEO since 1995. She completed medical school at Dalhousie University, internship at McMaster, pediatrics residency at the University of Ottawa and Endocrinology training at McGill University. Research on risk factors for DKA lead to being part of the development team for national DKA management guidelines. Research and advocacy have overlapped regarding national growth charts and, more recently, supports for students with diabetes in school. She has also published on newborn screening conditions including congenital hypothyroidism and congenital adrenal hyperplasia.

Research Projects

  1. Control-IQ Technology Positively Impacts Patient Reported Outcome Measures and Glycemic Control in Youth with Type 1 Diabetes in a Real-World Setting


    Initiation of Control-IQ technology in a real-world setting significantly reduced the impact of diabetes on daily life while simultaneously improving glycemic control