First-of-its kind study examines whether app-based mindfulness intervention can improve concussion recovery in youth


Ottawa, Ontario — Tuesday November 15, 2022

Can mindfulness-based intervention help improve concussion symptoms? A study being conducted at the CHEO Research Institute may provide the answer with the help of an innovative mobile application and advanced brain imaging techniques.

Digital health company Mobio Interactive (MI) and the CHEO Research Institute are collaborating on a randomized clinical trial (RCT) investigating the potential benefits of mindfulness-based intervention to manage symptoms and improve recovery in adolescents aged 12-18 who experience a concussion.

“This is the first study in the world to examine the potential of mindfulness delivered through a mobile platform with artificial intelligence, to improve recovery from acute concussion,” said Dr. Andrée-Anne Ledoux, Scientist at the CHEO Research Institute, and the study’s Principal Investigator. “In order to provide objective evidence of the benefits of intervention, a subset of 60 study participants will undergo brain imaging pre- and post-treatment.”

MI’s artificial intelligence-powered digital theragnostic platform, AmDTx, delivers clinically validated psychotherapy programs that are personalized with cutting-edge computer vision objectively quantifying human brain states through a mobile selfie video.

“The fact that these interventions are being delivered through MI’s mobile platform, AmDTx, ensures that anyone who experiences concussion, no matter where they live, could have access to this type of treatment,” said Dr. Bechara Saab, MI’s CEO and Chief Scientist.

More than 1 in 10 youth reported that they had a medically diagnosed concussion within the past year, according to the Government of Canada.

“One in three youth will go on having persistent concussions symptoms lasting months to years post-concussion. Those with a concussion also seem to be more at risk of developing mental health problems. Intervening early after a concussion, to teach youth how to manage symptoms, stress, emotions and thoughts is important to reduce the risk of having persistent symptoms and mental health problems,” said Dr. Ledoux, who is also an assistant professor at the University of Ottawa.

Mindfulness-based intervention, originally designed for stress management, has proven useful for treating a variety of illnesses including chronic pain, depression and anxiety and cancer related distress.



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