Qualitative inquiry into the lived experiences of LGBTQ2+ youth in their interactions with the health care system in Ottawa

PI: Dr. Megan Harrison

Study contacts: Pediatric Resident Research Leads – Dr. Kyle Canton (he/they), Dr. Maria Karaceper (she/her), Dr. Zoe Lazaris-Brunner (she/her), Dr. Michael Schlegelmilch (he/him). They can be reached directly at [email protected] for study-related questions or information.

Research Area: Adolescent Health – Gender Diversity

Lay Summary: LGBTQ2S+ youth experience a host of health inequities, stemming, in part, from fear of disclosure, negative past experiences with healthcare providers, or lack of appropriate questioning from health practitioners related to gender and sexuality. This study aims to describe the lived experiences of LGBTQ2S+ youth interaction with the health care system in Ottawa.