Precision mental health for eating disorders

PI: Dr. Mark Norris

Study Contact:  [email protected]

Study Contact Full Name:  Madeline Gertler and April McColeman

Research Area: Eating Disorders

Who to Contact Regarding Participation:  [email protected]

Lay Summary:

Precision mental health can be thought of as an individualized approach to mental health treatment and takes into consideration the individual characteristics of patients. As it stands, treatments offered by the Eating Disorders Program are based (where possible) upon best available evidence but are not based upon individual characteristics or findings in patients. The aim of the Precision Mental Health and eating disorders study is to explore what, if any biological markers can be used to better inform an individualized approach to evidence-based treatment for adolescent eating disorders.

Who are we recruiting?

We are looking for youth ages 11-17.

Can be a current patient of CHEO’s Eating Disorder Program or a healthy control.

What is a “Control Sample”? It is a youth who would represent the general population, specifically youth who do not have an eating disorder or other mental health condition and who have not received treatment for a mental health condition within the past year.

Individuals must meet study eligibility criteria to participate.

Contact us today and see if you’re eligible to participate: [email protected]

Alternatively, fill out this secure survey and we will contact you:

The research tasks for this study are as follows:    

  • 8hr Fasting bloodwork (Done before breakfast)
  • 3-day Food Journal
  • 3 Day Sleep Record (Depending on sleep watch availability)
  • Psychological questionnaires
  • Smell and taste test
  • Pharmacogenetic test – A genetic test, via cheek swab, that looks at how your genes react to different types of medications (optional & only 50% of participants will be offered).

We are offering a $50 cheque or gift card (Amazon, Indigo, Shoppers Drug Mart, or Walmart). Also, one (1) hour of community service for school credit is offered for your participation.