Phase III randomized double-blind placebo-controlled trial of metformin for cognitive recovery and white matter growth in paediatric medulloblastoma patients

PI: Dr. Donna Johnston

Study contact: [email protected]

Study contact full name: Doaa Abdelfattah

Research Area: Cancer

Who to contact regarding participation: Dr. Donna Johnston (Site PI) Doaa Abdelfattah (Research Coordinator)

Lay Summary: We are testing the efficacy of treatment with metformin for promoting cognitive recovery and brain growth in children/adolescents treated for medulloblastoma in a multi-site Phase III randomized double-blind placebo-controlled parallel arm superiority trial. Specifically, we ask: in children/adolescents aged 7 years to 17 years and 11 months who have completed treatment for medulloblastoma, is oral administration of metformin for 16 weeks associated with greater improvement of cognitive function and brain growth compared to placebo administered for 16 weeks?