Examining the intestinal microbiome in low-weight and weight-restored adolescents with a restrictive eating disorder

PI: Dr. Mark Norris

Study contact: [email protected]

Study contact full name: Chase Groulx

Research Area: Mental Health – Eating Disorders

Who to contact regarding participation: [email protected]

Lay Summary: The communication between the brain and the organisms that live inside our gut is referred to as the “gut-brain connection” and is known to play a vital role in our health. It is likely that malnutrition impacts the gut-brain connection, although we do not yet know the extent to which changes in the intestinal microorganisms are associated with changes in mental health during renourishment. The purpose of this study is to examine the gut microbiota in adolescents with eating disorders as they receive treatment for an eating disorder. Results may help us to eventually determine whether treatments that target the microbiota specifically can be helpful with treatment.