Examining the intestinal microbiome in adolescents with a restrictive eating disorder

PI: Dr. Wendy Spettigue and Dr. Mark Norris

Study contact: [email protected]

Study contact full name: April McColeman and Madeline Gertler

Research Area: Eating Disorders

Who to contact regarding participation: [email protected]

Lay Summary:

The brain and the gut are thought to communicate with each other through the “gut-brain connection” where they can signal to each other when either is in distress. Changes in food intake, from malnutrition to renourishment, may impact the gut microbiome and in turn, may affect mental health due to this connection.  What is the microbiome? It’s the collection of microorganisms (for example, bacteria and viruses) that live in our bodies, and especially in our gut (stomach and intestines). We aim to assess the gut microbiome, and hope that results from this study will help us to understand whether treatments targeting the microbiome (such as probiotics) can improve an individual’s response to eating disorder treatment.

Who are we recruiting?

We are looking for youth ages 11-17.

Can be a current patient of CHEO’s Eating Disorder Program or a healthy control.

What is a “Control Sample”? It is a youth who would represent the general population, specifically youth who do not have an eating disorder or other mental health condition and who have not received treatment for a mental health condition within the past year.

Individuals must meet study eligibility criteria to participate

Contact us today to see if you’re eligible to participate: [email protected]

Alternatively, fill out this secure survey and we will contact you: https://redcap.link/PCMHEDMB_Recruitment

What will happen during the study?

  • 3-day Food journal
  • Stool (poop) sample done via Take-Home stool kit
  • Four psychological questionnaires

We are offering a $35 cheque or gift card (Amazon, Indigo (Chapters) Shoppers Drug Mart, or Walmart). Also, one (1) hour of community service for school credit is offered for your participation.