Whole-body vibration in neonatal transport: a review of current knowledge and future research challenges

Interfacility transport to tertiary care for high-risk neonates has become an integral part of equitable access to optimal perinatal healthcare. Excellence in clinical care requires expertise in transport medicine and the coordination of safe transport processes. However, concerns remain regarding environmental stressors involved in the transportation of sick high-risk neonates, including noise and vibration.

In order to mitigate the potential deleterious effects of these physical stressors during transport, further knowledge of the burden of exposure, injury mechanisms and engineering interventions/modifications as adjuncts during transport would be beneficial. We reviewed the current literature with a focus on the contribution of new and emerging technologies in the transport environment with particular reference to whole-body vibration.

This review intends to highlight what is known about vibration as a physical stressor in neonates and areas for further research; with the goal to making recommendations for minimizing these stressors during transport.

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  1. Stephanie Redpath

    Investigator, CHEO Research Institute

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