Pediatric and Adolescent Gynecology practices: A national survey of Canadian gynecologists



To identify 1) the current state of pediatric and adolescent gynecology (PAG) provision of care; 2) barriers to practicing PAG; and 3) the need for increased PAG training in residency and continuing medical education (CME).


Obstetricians and gynecologists (OB/GYNs) across Canada who currently practice gynecology were asked to complete an anonymous, self-administered, Internet-based survey.


One-hundred and forty-seven OB/GYNs across Canada responded to the survey, and after applying exclusion criteria (retired gynecologists, medical students, postgraduate trainees, gynecologists who do not currently practice gynecology, PAG specialists, or OB/GYNs seeing predominantly pregnant adolescent women), 135 were included. Seventy-six percent of survey respondents stated that they care for pediatric and adolescent patients in their practice. The pathologies and surgeries they are comfortable managing are those that are similar to the adult population, such as intrauterine device insertion in the office/OR, adnexal detorsion, laparoscopy in patients over 12 years of age, examination under anesthesia, and hymenectomy. Respondents who stated wanting to learn more about PAG preferred either online learning modules (85%) or CME workshops at regional meetings (91%).


Canadian OB/GYNs provide PAG care with very little training to support their work. Attention must be given to better training for our residents via available curriculums and teaching modalities, as well as increased access to CME for OB/GYNs.

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  1. Richard Webster

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  2. Tania Dumont

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