ACTIVE RESEARCH – Microbiome-based Precision Medicine in Inflammatory Bowel Diseases


The primary objective of our proposed research program is to establish prognostic and risk stratification models for personalizing IBD therapy. To successfully achieve this objective we are proposing four activities.

(1) Identify and validate predictors of IBD clinical course and therapeutic response;
(2) Access the role of treatment-associated microbes in IBD pathogenesis;
(3) Catalyze the translation of IBD transformative therapies; and
(4) Develop novel therapeutic approaches for the precision medicine with resultant improvement in patient quality of life. The approach will include analysis of the host-intestinal microbiota cross-talk using multi-omics approach.

Lead Researchers

  • David Mack

    Senior Scientist, CHEO Research Institute


  1. David Mack

    Senior Scientist, CHEO Research Institute

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