Identifying Criteria for a Physical Literacy Screening Task: An Expert Delphi Process


REACH (Recreation, Education, Allied-health, Coaching, Healthcare) leaders support children’s physical literacy journey in diverse settings. This project sought physical literacy screening tool criteria that REACH leaders could use to assess children.

A 3-round expert Delphi process sought consensus (75% of participants stating agree/strongly agree) regarding physical literacy screening. Group discussions (Round 1) identified screening issues. Qualitative analyses represented the issues as statements. Experts rated each statement (5-point Likert scale) in Rounds 2 and 3. Mean Round 2 rating for each statement was provided in Round 3.

53 experts were invited to participate with 37 (63% female, mean career length = 16 years) providing consent. Each round comprised at least 7 experts with primary/secondary expertise for each sector. Round 1 identified 60 criteria and 27 potential screening tasks, which were represented in 90 statements. Consensus was achieved for 44/90 statements in Round 2 and 51/90 statements in Round 3.

Expert consensus suggests that physical literacy screening should utilize both objectively measured tasks and questionnaires. Encompassing multiple facets of physical literacy, including motor competence, motivation, strength, endurance, and daily behavior, is important. Research is required to identify potential tasks that meet these criteria and are suitable for each REACH sector.

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