I-PASS enhances effectiveness and accuracy of hand-off for pediatric general surgery patients


I-PASS is a validated and standardized hand-off protocol shown to reduce medical error and improve hand-off efficiency in the pediatric medical population. Our aim was to evaluate the feasibility, effectiveness, accuracy and resident satisfaction of implementing I-PASS on a pediatric surgery service.


A prospective intervention Quality Improvement (QI approved) study was utilized to evaluate resident written and verbal hand-offs before and after implementation of I-PASS on a pediatric surgery service at a tertiary center. Anonymous surveys were completed by residents following each observation. Results were analyzed using T or Mann-Whitney U Tests and Chi Square.


A total of 49 written tools and 50 verbal hand-offs were compared pre-and post I-PASS implementation. With I-PASS, increased written accuracy was observed in the documentation of the patient summary (p < 0.05). Accuracy in the verbal hand-off of illness severity, patient summary, contingency plan, action list and synthesis also improved (p < 0.05); but duration of hand-off increased (p < 0.01). Post implementation surveys of residents demonstrated an increased understanding of patient management (p < 0.05).

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  1. Justyna Wolinska

    Investigator, CHEO Research Institute

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