From “ACAN” to “I CAN”: Restoring wellness in a boy with severe osteochondritis dissecans through diagnostic precision combined with optimal medical, surgical and rehabilitation management


Osteochondritis dissecans (OCD) is a disease of the joints characterized by idiopathic focal subchondral lesions. Aggrecan, a proteoglycan encoded by the ACAN gene, is important for cartilage structure and function. We describe the clinical evolution of a patient with short stature, multi-focal OCD, and subchondral osteopenia that appeared linked to a novel pathogenic ACAN variant. A multi-disciplinary approach including medical (bisphosphonate) therapy, surgical intervention and rehabilitation were successful in restoring wellness and physical function.

Other Areas of Research: Orthopedics

Lead Researchers

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  1. Sasha Carsen

    Scientist, CHEO Research Institute

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  2. Leanne Ward

    Senior Scientist, CHEO Research Institute

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