Ceilidh Kinlin

Investigator, CHEO Research Institute

Dr. Kinlin has just completed her fellowship training in Pediatric Emergency Medicine and is excited to be working at CHEO and a part of the CHEO RI. Her research interests include appendicitis and well appearing 2-36 month old patients with fever presenting to the ED.

Research Projects

  1. Surgical and nonsurgical pediatric hand fractures: a cohort study


    A retrospective cohort of consecutive pediatric patients referred with hand fractures to the Alberta Children’s Hospital (ACH) hand clinic over this 2-year period was also identified; this cohort was, therefore, a subset of all pediatric hand fractures in the Calgary zone. The ACH is a tertiary pediatric center that serves the city of Calgary as well as southern Alberta and cares for over 90,000 children per year. Five pediatric plastic surgeons, all hand surgeons, manage the pediatric hand fracture referrals to the center. Patients were identified using the Clinibase Regional Scheduler software (Logibec, Montreal, QC). The medical records (both electronic and paper) of any patient with a diagnosis of a hand injury were reviewed and those with a radiographically confirmed hand fracture were included in the present study. Patients were excluded if they had a soft tissue injury without an accompanying hand fracture or had incomplete chart information. Complete amputations were excluded. Partial amputations were included and recorded as open fractures.