Gender Diversity

CHEO’s Diversity Clinic provides comprehensive health care and support for gender-nonconforming children and youth in Eastern Ontario. Our multidisciplinary team offers information, comprehensive assessment and treatment (which can include hormonal interventions) to children, youth and their families when there are questions regarding gender identity

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Research Projects

  1. Pubertal Suppression, Bone Mass and Body Composition in Youth with Gender Dysphoria


    The majority of transgender youth had vitamin D insufficiency or deficiency with baseline status associated with bone mineral density. Vitamin D supplementation should be considered for all youth with GD.

  2. Identification and inclusion of gender factors in retrospective cohort studies: the GOING-FWD framework


    The application of the GOING-FWD multistep approach can help guide investigators to analyse gender and its impact on outcomes in previously collected data.


  1. Kevin Cheung

    Investigator, CHEO Research Institute

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  2. Khaled El Emam

    Senior Scientist, CHEO Research Institute Professor, Faculty of Medicine, University of Ottawa

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  3. Margaret Lawson

    Senior Scientist, CHEO Research Institute

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