ROMEO allows you to focus your time on discoveries, not the administrative work behind making the discoveries. ROMEO is your one-stop submission portal for CHEO’s Research Ethics Board, Awards, Finance, and Contracts offices. Use ROMEO to create new applications and amend existing files. This web-based system is accessible anywhere you have an internet connection by following this link.

ROMEO Training Resources

We recognize that everyone learns in different ways. Select the option that works best for you.

Video Training

We have found that most people learn ROMEO the best by reviewing our video Training resource. You will need to watch the video and follow the instructions at the end for the next steps to obtaining your account. You can also review it any time as a refresher.

Hasty Handbook (Photos and directions)

Intended for the confident user who just needs a reminder or for those who would rather read than watch a video. These short visual aids to prompt you through the steps of a specific task in ROMEO. If you prefer to learn through this method, please email [email protected] and ask for hasty handbook resources to be sent to you.

Rigorous Reference (ROMEO Print Manual)

This print method provides an in-depth overview of ROMEO navigation, applications and events. Intended for the new user who is looking for the most robust view of the ROMEO system. Includes a breakdown of each individual application or event type and helpful RI Administration / REB hints! Note this manual is intended to be viewed electronically as it includes hyperlinks to navigate to the section which is most applicable to you. If you prefer to learn through this method, please email [email protected] and ask for written resources to be sent to you.

Contact the CHEO ROMEO Team

Beth Gillis      
SuperUser (ext. 4165)
Scope: ROMEO System Enquiries/Training: [email protected]

Laura Minaker-Roy    
SuperUser (ext. 2694)
ROMEO System Enquiries/Training: [email protected]
Scope: New user profiles and training, Software Issues, Navigation and system orientation

Awards and Grants

Emilie Hill-Smith        
Grants Coordinator (ext. 4017)


Sue Arnott        
Contracts Assistant
Scope: First point of contact, Document execution

Finance & Cost Centres

Laura Minaker-Roy
Senior Research Finance Officer (ext.2694)

Beth Gillis
Research Finance Officer (ext. 4165)

Research Ethics Board

Natalie Anderson       
Senior Coordinator, Research Ethics Board
Scope: Annual Renewals, Delegated reviews

Valerie Bourada         
Manager, Research Ethics Board
Scope: Delegated reviews, Review process

CRU Resources

Chantal Horth Ethics
Facilitator (Request a consult)
Scope:Consult with researchers to ensure high quality REB submissions, Advise junior researchers and coordinators during the REB process
Key element review of REB submission

Note* the Ethics Facilitator is independent of the REB and will not advise on ethical content of submissions.

ROMEO Resource Feedback: [email protected]