Neha Abro

My CHEO Story

My story at CHEO began the first month that I arrived in Canada when I broke my arm. My experience at CHEO right from the get-go was a great one. With the amazing staff and physicians, I immediately felt safe and supported in the environment. I would later go on to make many more visits to CHEO due to other injuries as well as hypertension. It was as if CHEO became a second home to me. The impact CHEO had on me left a great mark as it made me want to go into the healthcare field and make a change in others’ lives the way CHEO did for me. My passion for medicine started here.

Why I'm involved

I believe in the importance of a great healthcare system. In order to achieve that, a huge aspect is research development. As a student studying in the field of healthcare, my passion lies in healthcare research and being involved in it would be extremely rewarding and fulfilling because it’s a way to give back to the healthcare community. It would also help me expand my knowledge and experience in this field.

My Role