Michelle Vautour-Shales

My CHEO Story

After an unexpected premature birth, our son Griffin was admitted to CHEO for a PDA ligation surgery at 28 weeks gestation. This was the most frightening thing my husband and I have ever gone through. Through this journey, we met true angels on this planet who will have a special place in our hearts forever. One of them was Dr. Emmanuela Ferretti, Neonatologist. At about nine months of age, Griffin started receiving early intervention services from OCTC to monitor his gross and fine motor skills. Since then, Griffin has been receiving outpatient services from Rehab division (formerly OCTC).

Bronze Badge

Why I'm involved

I believe there are interesting innovations and methodologies that are not well integrated in the public health system that can help children with physical disabilities lead more independent lives. I believe we need to better support these children to achieve their full potential.

My Role

  • Research Reviewer
  • Family Advisory – Development & Rehabilitation