Jean-Philippe Chaput points to collaboration as the name of the game 


Ottawa, Ontario — Tuesday August 2, 2022

As team captain, Jean-Philippe Chaput has really taken his team’s name “Ready, Set, GO!” to heart and hasn’t stopped going since!  

With 23 publications in 2021, six of which he was the senior author, and 10 with an impact factor of more than 4, Chaput has continued to move the needle of research into pediatric obesity prevention and the adoption of a healthy lifestyle, in particular healthy behaviours such as sleep, physical activity and nutrition. Regularly featured as an obesity and sleep expert in national and international media in both official languages, Chaput continues to raise the profile of the CHEO Research Institute.  

As a member of the World Health Organization’s Guideline Development Group for guidelines on the management of adolescents with obesity, the Research Lead for CHEO’s 1Door4Care project, and an Associate Professor in the Department of Pediatrics at the University of Ottawa, Chaput is passionate about leadership and working collaboratively to improve the lives of all children and youth. 

When asked to serve as team captain for the “Ready, Set, GO! team, Chaput jumped at the opportunity. 

“Being team captain was a natural evolution for me and it’s nice to assume more leadership roles as I advance my career path. It is exciting to be part of the frontline leadership group at the CHEO Research Institute and help develop our scientific program and recruit new scientists. Playing a role in defining and supporting the CHEO Research Institute vision, mission, and strategic plan is rewarding. Providing advice and feedback on staff career development is also something that I cherish very much,” said Chaput.  

One of the key benefits of the new team structure is that it provides a forum to ensure interactions among the scientific staff of the program. This structure will facilitate greater knowledge and awareness of the research happening at the CHEO Research Institute and be better informed about research leadership decisions. The new structure also lends itself well to new collaborations between team members who had not previously considered working together.  

For example, Chaput submitted a grant application with Amy Robinson to further understand the role that fatigue plays in patient safety events at CHEO. Furthermore,  Marie-Eve Robinson and Gary Goldfield obtained a two-year grant valued at $250,000 to start a randomized controlled trial aimed at teaching adolescents with type 1 diabetes self-compassion to reduce diabetes distress. These new collaborations came organically as a result of team meetings in the past year. 

“I’m very confident that the Ready, Set, GO! team will provide international leadership and research excellence as it relates to improving mobility and keeping our kids active and healthy,” added Dr. Chaput 

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