Dose-dependent and joint associations between screen time, physical activity, and mental wellbeing in adolescents: an international observational study


Ottawa, Ontario — Monday August 9, 2021

A study published today in The Lancet Child and Adolescent Healthinvolving data for more than 577,000 adolescents (ages 13 to 15) from 42 North American and European countries, finds that increased physical activity is clearly associated with better mental wellbeing and increased recreational screen time, beyond 2 hours per day, is detrimentally related to mental wellbeing. It is the first study to show such clear relationships in a large multi-country sample.

The paper is an international collaboration between Canadian and Australian researchers, led by Dr. Asad Khan of the University of Queensland with Dr. Mark Tremblay, a senior scientist at the CHEO Research Institute and professor of Medicine at uOttawa, its senior author. Read more.

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