CHEO Research Institute appoints inaugural Chief Scientific Officer


Ottawa, Ontario — Friday February 2, 2024

The CHEO Research Institute has appointed Dr. Dhenuka Radhakrishnan as the inaugural Chief Scientific Officer (CSO) following a competitive internal campaign.  

“This new position reinforces the RI’s commitment to scientific excellence and continued growth and integration of research at CHEO,” said Dr. Jason Berman, CEO and Scientific Director, CHEO Research Institute, and Vice-President of Research, CHEO. “In this role, Dr. Radhakrishnan will help us in driving synergy across our research teams and promoting a shared commitment to scientific and technological advancements at the CHEO Research Institute. As the Academic Lead for the Research Informatics Core, which includes our artificial intelligence (AI) data scientists, Dr. Radhakrishnan will continue to establish CHEO as a leader in the use of data and machine learning to help solve scientific, clinical and operational problems.” 

Reporting to the CEO, the CSO plays a pivotal leadership role in overseeing our seven Research Teams, each led by a dedicated Team Captain. 

In this role, Dr. Radhakrishnan will also chair our flagship internal grant competition, the Research Growth Award panel, and contribute as a reviewer on other internal grant review panels. She will also offer support to the RI community, championing research excellence and growth, extending mentorship across the organization, and ensuring we uphold scientific excellence that is consistent with our vision, mission, and values. 

“I am grateful for the opportunity to lead as the CHEO Research Institute’s first CSO and to contribute to the future of research across CHEO and within our vibrant scientific community,” said Dr. Radhakrishnan. “I look forward to fostering a culture of innovation and collaboration as we navigate the evolving landscape of scientific research.”

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