Carolina Jimenez

Investigator, CHEO Research Institute

Dr. Carolina Jiménez received her medical degree from the University of Costa Rica. She completed her pediatric gastroenterology fellowship as well as her training in pediatric liver disease and liver transplantation at the Hospital for Sick Children and the University of Toronto. She then returned to her native Costa Rica where she started her career as a hepatologist at the National Children’s Hospital. Dr. Jimenez joined the Division of Pediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition at the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO) in 2006 and is currently the Division Chief. Dr. Jimenez is also the Director of Liver Services at CHEO and has a special interest in pediatric liver disease-related research. Dr. Jimenez is a member of the steering committee of the Canadian Biliary Atresia Registry (CBAR) and Chair of the Canadian Pediatric Hepatology Research Group (CPHRG).

Area of Research: Pediatric Liver diseases

Research Projects

  1. Natural History of Liver Disease in a Large International Cohort of Children with Alagille syndrome: Results from The GALA Study


    This analysis of the GALA data set provides insights into the natural history of liver disease and out-comes of this complex disorder. In this real-world global view, 40% of children with ALGS-cholestasis reached adulthood with their native liver.

  2. Care Pattern for Fontan-Associated Liver Disease by Academic Pediatric Hepatologists in Canada


    Our study demonstrates significant variability in the assessment and management of children with FALD among pediatric hepatologists in Canada. Variability in clinical approach and management can lead to a lack of standardization and poor outcomes.25 Standardizing care is essential to improve the effectiveness and quality of health care services, and to avoid preventable adverse events. Future research is necessary to develop a standardized approach to managing FALD in children.

  3. Incidence of chronic immune-mediated inflammatory diseases after diagnosis with Kawasaki disease: a population-based cohort study