Asif Doja

Investigator, CHEO Research Institute

Dr. Doja completed his medical degree at the University of Western Ontario followed by post-graduate training in pediatric neurology at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto. He then completed a Master’s in Education at the University of Toronto. He joined the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario in the Division of Neurology in 2005. He is an Associate Professor, Director of the CHEO movement disorders clinic and has been Chief of the Division of Neurology at CHEO since 2016. His research interests include movement disorders and medical education neurology.

Research areas: Neurology, Medical Education 

Research Projects

  1. Quick, effective screening tasks identify children with medical conditions or disabilities needing physical literacy support.


  2. Trainee perceptions of resident duty hour restrictions: a qualitative study of online discussion forums


    To implement well-designed RDH restrictions, shared decision making with trainees as stakeholders and transparency regarding the evidence behind the process and/or revisions are important considerations.

  3. Barriers and facilitators to program directors’ use of the medical education literature: a qualitative study


    This may involve novel methods and formats that render evidence and findings from their studies more easily ‘digestible’ by clinical teachers to narrow the knowledge to practice gap.

  4. Tremor Presenting in Infants and Children Aged less than 2 Years


    Tremor with onset at age <2 years follows a benign course, with many patients requiring no treatment and outgrowing the disorder.

  5. Bibliometric Analysis of Neurology Articles Published in General Medicine Journals


    Compared with other specialties, neurology-based articles are published more frequently in general medicine journals.