Approximately 1200 babies are born in Canada each year with permanent hearing loss that can have an effect on typical language acquisition and quality of family life. Early identification and new hearing technologies provide many children with a better start in the early years and better opportunities for learning in school. The Audiology Research Lab is involved with research in several aspects of pediatric hearing, with a particular focus on intervention practices and outcomes in children with all degrees of hearing loss. Current areas of interest include early intervention practices, the consequences of mild bilateral and unilateral hearing loss, cochlear implantation outcomes for children including outcomes in “special populations”, and services for children and families affected by hearing loss.

Through our research, our overall goal is to create and transfer knowledge to families, clinicians, teachers, and decision-makers in order to positively impact the lives of children with hearing disorders.

Our interdisciplinary research group includes researchers in audiology, psychology, population health, and medicine. Our lab brings together researchers with shared interests from the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario and the University of Ottawa and encourages collaborations with other institutions. Students are an integral part of our research work. Graduate students from the University of Ottawa Audiology and Speech-Language Program, doctoral students from the PhD program in Rehabilitation Sciences at uOttawa, as well as students from psychology and medicine are actively involved in our research.

Research Projects

  1. Hearing loss prevalence and hearing health among school-aged children in the Canadian Arctic


    One in five school-aged children was found to have hearing loss that is likely to affect classroom learning and social/emotional development. A hearing health strategy tailored to this population is critically needed.


  1. Elizabeth Fitzpatrick

    Senior Scientist, CHEO Research Institute

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