Trinity Lowthian

My CHEO Story

Having spent much of my youth as both an inpatient and outpatient at CHEO, no one could figure out what was causing my constellation of progressive symptoms, let alone an effective way to treat them. After graduating from CHEO when I turned 18, nothing in the adult healthcare system could compare to the care that I received at CHEO, yet we kept searching for answers. Now that I have been diagnosed with a rare autoimmune neurological condition that has led to intestinal failure, finding treatment options has given me back my quality of life, and my experience at CHEO has inspired me to give back!

Why I'm involved

Having previous experience as a youth research advisor has opened my eyes to the positive difference that someone with lived experience can have on research project outcomes. I am excited to partner in research with CHEO in order to help children and youth lead happy and fulfilling lives!

My Role

  • Youth Advisory Alumni
  • Research Reviewer
  • Research Advisor – Research Connection, HALO