Tamy Bell

My CHEO Story

I was first introduced to CHEO in 2017 when our son was admitted for sepsis due to a UTI when he was 8 weeks old (corrected). We had just left the NICU at the CIvic hospital after an 8 week stay and after noticing he had become lethargic on our 4th night home we brought him in to the ER. This began our month long stay at CHEO and was our first introduction to the different departments within the hospital. During our stay it was discovered he had high blood pressure and biped kidneys along with calcium in his kidneys due to prematurity, it was then we became nephrology patients. An ECG showed his heart may not be pumping as hard on the left side, so we became cardiology patients. It was also discovered he had urinary reflux and we became urology patients. During a routine ultra sound in 2018 to check up on the calcium in his kidneys a tumour was discovered on his right adrenal gland. He was then diagnosed with a form of paediatric cancer called Neuroblastoma at 16 months of age. During his biopsy it was also discovered he had subglottic stenosis and we became ENT patients. He then had a procedure done to open up his airways. He had a 6 month chemotherapy journey before he had his tumor resection in march of 2019. We were then followed by the medical day unit, receiving MRIs, ultrasounds, hearing and visions tests until March of 2021 when it was determined through MRI that he had relapsed. Since then we have been undergoing treatment for relapsed neuroblastoma. We are so grateful for CHEO and all the care we have received, plus the incredibly amazing staff who have helped us along the way.

Why I'm involved

I am fascinated by the work of all the departments within CHEO and how they are forever changing to better the lives of children and families.

My Role

  • PFAC 2022-2024
  • Research Reviewer