Stephanie White

My CHEO Story

I have a 13 year old daughter that is being followed by doctors and staff at CHEO for several different issues (respirology and gastroenterology). Thankfully none of her problems are life threatening and overall she is healthy, but if there is anything that I can bring from these experiences to help out I would love to.

Why I'm involved

I have several different reasons. The first is that growing up I had a close friend with a terminal illness (CF) and as we got older, her life expectancy kept increasing. Unfortunately not enough to give her a ‘normal’ life, but the impact of research on her disease (and her life) was obvious. Although I know that I won’t be doing anything to extend anyone’s life or even have a big impact, if there is anything at all I can do to help even a little I would like to.
Additionally, although fortunately my daughters medical issues are not severe, we are thankful for the services provided by CHEO and children’s hospitals in general and if our experiences can be used to further research or even policies and procedures that would be fantastic.

My Role

  • Research Reviewer
  • Research Advisory – Respirology