Natasha Baechler

My CHEO Story

I was recently discharged from CHEO at the age of 18, after almost 4 years of care. I have made countless trips to the ER, and have spent many long months on 5 East and 6 North, where I was being treated for GI issues and an Eating Disorder. Once I was discharged from inpatient services, I continued to see my doctors in the C3 and C5 clinics, as well as completing CHEO’s Day Treatment Program for Eating Disorders. Throughout my time at the hospital, I participated in research studies and joined Youth Forum, which I am still a part of today. I am very grateful to the many doctors, nurses, CYCs, Child Life Specialists and other healthcare professionals who worked with and supported me in my recovery. My experience with the extremely knowledgeable and compassionate staff at CHEO has inspired me to pursue a career in pediatric nursing.

Why I'm involved

Research plays an extremely important role in healthcare, and I believe that patient and family involvement adds great value to studies. Because of my personal health struggles, my experience with CHEO, and my interest in the medical field, I feel confident in volunteering as a Family Leader and am excited to contribute to important medical research that can be used to help so many others going through what I did.

My Role

  • PFAC 2021-2023 -Co-Chair
  • Youth Advisor Alumni
  • Family Advisor – Mental Health
  • Research Reviewer