Madeleine Latour

My CHEO Story

When I was 7, I was rushed to CHEO for DKA. I was admitted overnight, and have had to go to emergency twice since, for DKA due to severe blood sugars when I was sick. I also had to go in for multiple mental health assessments, including back in 2019, when I went through a severe period of depression. I also had to go for numerous gastro-related things, as I have Celiac disease.

Gold Badge

Why I'm involved

I have always been interested in medical conditions and genetics, and since I’m in high school, I
figured doing this to help others would be a good way to spend my volunteer hours.

My Role

  • KidCan Young Person Advisory Group 2020-2021
  • Advisor: Dr. Zuijdwijk – Endocrin NSRCH Project