Leanne van der Zweep

My CHEO Story

I have two boys, both of whom are connected to CHEO. My 12 year old son is on the autism spectrum, and my 10 year old has a rare growth (genetic) condition called Russell Silver Syndrome. Over the years, we have found our way to many different departments and clinics, and have had numerous inpatient stays. My younger son even used to call CHEO “his hospital” because he spent so much time at the hospital. CHEO has been a major part of our family’s journey.

Bronze Badge

Why I'm involved

I would like to share my experience by contributing to the development of important research. My background as a research analysis and developmental psychologist affords me many tools for evaluating research, but I am most looking forward to contributing as a family member /patient advocate.

My Role

  • Reviewer: Fall Research Growth Awards- 2021
  • Reviewer: QITI Awards- 2021
  • Trainee Award Reviewer 2022