Jaime Waitman

My CHEO Story

We have been to CHEO with our daughter Amaeya a few times, for ear infections, a blatter infection, and a clicking hip when she was a few months old. Luckily these were all very minor issues. Our little Lily wasn’t as lucky. We lost Lily at 23 weeks. Lily had an NT score of +8mm at 15 weeks. After genetic testing, she was diagnosed with Trisomy 18. We lost her a few weeks after she was diagnosed.

Why I'm involved

I am interested in getting involved to add whatever I can to the process. If my experience and Lily’s story can help even one person, one mom, one baby, I would like to assist.

Areas of Interest

Mental Health Genetics

My Role

  • Provided feedback on Patient Oriented Child Health Curriculum-Usability Testing
  • Research Project Reviewer: Help (HEalthy Lifestyles Project) for Youth with Mental Distress