Emilie Hageltorn

My CHEO Story

I have a long history with CHEO. My first admission was at 4 weeks of age, when I was admitted for a urinary tract infection. We discovered that I had kidney reflux as a result of a dual collection system in my right kidney. I was followed closely by the Urology Clinic and had surgery at 4 years of age to correct the reflux, because I had several breakthrough infections that led to repeated hospitalisations. That same year, I broke my collarbone. A year later, I had surgery to remove a dermoid cyst in my eye socket. This year, I had surgery to repair a meniscus and reconstruct the ACL in my right knee. CHEO doctors, nurses and other employees were always professional, and kind and provided me excellent care.

Gold Badge

Why I'm involved

My frequent visits to the hospital led me to develop an interest for medical research. As I prepare to graduate from high school, I am considering a career in this field as a way to further my interest in research and as a way to contribute to a community that has been very supportive to me.

My Role

  • Member of RI Selection Committee
  • Reviewer: Bone Health RGA 2021
  • Bio Med Reviewer: Apoptosis Research RGA 2021
  • Research Project Reviewer for “ACL Research Project”
  • Letter of Support for “ACL Research Project”
  • RI Training Working Group
  • Reviewer: Fall Research Growth Awards- 2021
  • Spring RGA 2022 Reviewer
  • Patient and Family Advisory Committee Member 2022-present