Ellen Song

My CHEO Story

My story with CHEO began when I was thirteen, when I tore my ACL during a soccer game. Over the next five years, I would undergo three surgeries after retearing my ACL, countless visits to the Orthopedic and Hematology clinics, and a year’s worth of physiotherapy. Without the fantastic team of doctors, nurses, and physiotherapists, I would have never been able to return to everyday life and sport pain-free. I am beyond thankful for the incredible healthcare professionals who treated me and have inspired me to pursue a career in healthcare myself.

Gold Badge

Why I'm involved

While I was a patient at CHEO, I gained an appreciation for the importance of clinical research in improving patient outcomes. My healthcare team did not only consist of the medical professionals who treated me, but also included the many scientists who performed critical research to determine the best practices for my recovery. Even during the four years between my first and last surgeries, new research in ACL rehabilitation emerged and informed improvements to my recovery plan the second time around. I am grateful to now have the opportunity to contribute my lived experience to the life-saving research conducted at the CHEO Research Institute.

My Role

  • Reviewer – Surgery RGA 2021
  • Reviewer – Neurology RGA 2021
  • Patient and Family Advisory Committee Member 2020-2022
  • Research Project Reviewer: Examining the role of colonoscopic ultrasound as a novel measure of inflammation in pediatric ulcerative colitis
  • RI Training Working Group
  • RI Family Leader Program Podcast
  • Presenter of RGA 101 Guide to Writing Reviews