Message from the CEO and Scientific Director of the CHEO Research Institute

My name is Dr. Jason Berman and I’m the CEO and Scientific Director at the CHEO Research Institute, and Vice President of research at CHEO. My role is to help shape the strategic direction of research here at CHEO, to try to improve patient care through research efforts. Whether that’s in the lab through database research, population health research, educational research, the entire research spectrum. And to help provide leadership to enable our excellent teams of physicians, scientists, clinical researchers, here at CHEO to be able to do their jobs better.Right now I’m in the information-gathering stage. I’m doing an environmental survey. We’re asking researchers and people that work at theResearch Institute to provide us feedback on the things they like, the things they don’t like. We’re looking at our internal Grants Program which helps support research and by providing catalyst funds so that researchers can gather data and publish papers and provide information to make them more competitive for national awards. We’re looking at ways to improve that, change that. We’re working on a peer review program here to make grants more competitive. All of this is with the goal of trying to improve our research productivity, our national success rates, and the quality of research that we’re doing here at CHEO.