Welcome! New members to the Research Patient and Family Advisory Committee (PFAC)


Ottawa, Ontario — Tuesday August 10, 2021

Welcome! New members to the Research Patient and Family Advisory Committee (PFAC)

The Research Institute is happy to welcome 3 new research leaders to the Research Patient and Family Advisory Committee. Read more about these great new additions to the team here!


Melanie Buba, Investigator, CHEO Research Institute

photo of Melanie Buba

Dr. Melanie Buba is a hospital paediatrician and the Medical Director of Medical Inpatient Services at CHEO. In her Medical Director role, she involved in projects focused on improving the quality and safety of care provided to patients at CHEO. Her research interests include patient- and family-centered care, virtual care, transitions in care, evidence-based medicine and quality improvement. Dr. Buba strongly believes engaging patients and families is essential to the success and relevance of clinical research, and is looking forward to working with the CHEO RI PFAC to create opportunities for patients and families to be involved.


Pat Longmuir, Senior Scientist, CHEO Research Institute  (Halo Head Shot attached)

photo Pat LongmuirDr. Pat Longmuir is a Senior Scientist in the CHEO Research Institute. Her research focuses on working with patients and families to support healthy lifestyles and quality of life among children with medical conditions and disabilities. Dr. Longmuir actively engages children and families in the design, conduct and dissemination of her research and looks forward to contributing her knowledge and experience through the PFAC.



Saunya Dover, Manager, Genetic Skeletal Disorders Research Program

Photo of Saunya DoverSaunya Dover is relatively new to the CHEO family, having joined the Genetic Skeletal Disorders Research Program in the fall of 2020 where she is working on a new, patient-centered multidisciplinary clinical/research program. She brings with her over a 10 years of research experience, largely focused on patient reported outcomes and outcome measure development. She has always had an interest and seen the value in including the patient and family voice in the research process, and is very excited to be part of the PFAC at the CHEO-RI.

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