CIHR Spring 2021 Project Grant Success!


Ottawa, Ontario — Thursday July 29, 2021

Congratulations to our four research teams that received CIHR grants from the Spring 2021 Project Grant competition. Two of which ranked 1st in their committees and one of which ranked 2nd. Phenomenal work! Well done teams!


photo of Jason Brophy

Nominated PI: Jason Brophy

Other PIs: Pranesh Chakraborty, Kristin Kernohan, Soren Gantt, Jessica Dunn, and Sean Bitnun

Co-Applicants: Erika Bariciak, Steven Hawken, Robert Tétrault, Andrew Latchman, Kirk Leifso, Johnna Maccormick, Jeffrey Pernica, Marie Pigeon, Tony Antoniou, Michelle Barton, Nisha Thampi, David Goldfarb, and Sharon Cushing

Research Project Title: Congenital CMV ANd HEARing in Ontario: Optimizing Screening to Improve Child Health Outcomes (CAN HEAR ONTARIO)





Photo of Robert Jankov

Nominated PI: Robert Jankov

Co-Applicants: Martin Post and Behzad Yeganeh

Research Project Title: Ceramides as a therapeutic target in experimental bronchopulmonary dysplasia







Photo of Pat Longmuir

Nominated PI: Patricia Longmuir

Co-Applicants: Suzie Lee, Gyaandeo Maharajh, and Richard Webster

Research Project Title: Preventing Sedentary Lifestyles among Children Born with Congenital Heart Defects: A Feasibility Study of Physical Activity

after Surgical or Catheterization Intervention





Photo of Katie O'hearn

Nominated PI: Katharine O’Hearn

Other PIs: Menon, Kusum

Co-Applicants: Saoirse Cameron, Gary Goldfield, Fatima Mougharbel, Courtney O’Reilly, Dori-Ann Martin, Patricia Fontela, Shauna O’Donnell, Sangeeta Mehta, and Florence Cayouette

Research Project Title: Patient and Family Perspectives on Operationalized Assent in Canadian Pediatric Intensive Care Research: A Survey and Interview Study

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