Evangeline Danseco

Investigator, CHEO Research Institute

Evangeline is a seasoned professional with over 20 years of experience in evaluation andresearch. She is an Associate Investigator at the CHEO RI and a Credentialed Evaluator from theCanadian Evaluation Society. A recipient of the Fulbright scholarship, Evangeline obtained hermaster’s degree in developmental psychology from The George Washington University atWashington, DC, and her doctoral degree in Applied Developmental Psychology from theUniversity of Maryland Baltimore County.

Evangeline has been working at the Ontario Centre of Excellence for Child and Youth MentalHealth (based in CHEO) since 2007. As Performance Measurement Coach, she works with theGovernment of Ontario and lead agencies across Ontario to improve the performance and qualityof mental health services. Previously, she led the development and implementation of programsto build organizational capacity for evaluation and implementation of evidence-based programsusing organizational learning approaches and implementation science frameworks. Over 100community-based agencies throughout Ontario participated in these evaluation andimplementation programs and services.

Evangeline is committed to promoting the well-being of children and youth. In her localcommunity, she is also an ordained interfaith minister and a chaplain at her congregation.

Research Projects

  1. Moving Towards Racial Equity in the Child and Youth Mental Health Sector in Ontario, Canada


    As we highlight these domains, we urge researchers, policy makers, and child and youth mental health service providers to work together to advance racial equity in meaningful ways.